inKlusion Celebrates 5-Year Anniversary

Progress, Not Perfection: 5 years of making an impact.

We are enthusiasm, strength, and energy. We are active and we want to create things. Every time the market changes you will find us playing strategy, every time the wind changes there we are setting sail. We rebuild and we reinvent ourselves every day and we differentiate ourselves in the market constantly.

We refuse to say that we are not capable, that we cannot find the solution, that we cannot find opportunities. We have been doing this for five years, overcoming adverse contexts. We have the ability to win, to succeed and to share our success with our partners.

We are dream builders!
5 years of togetherness, 5 years of happiness, 5 years of making dreams come true, 5 years of sharing, 5 years of trust, 5 beautiful years.

We have overcome the typical challenges of a young company, and contrary to usual startup statistics, which show that 90% of companies disappear before the first 5 years of existence, we are alive and kicking. Every day we fight with grit and determination!

But what have we learned in 5 years? Most importantly that people are the most valuable asset in any organization! More important than brands, products, or even facilities. It’s the relationships with people that make the difference and make us grow.

We have a fantastic team, united, strong and powerful! They are pro-active people, who want to contribute, who provide ideas and insight, who fight with clenched fists and embrace each project as their own. People who do not wait for the end of the month or Friday afternoon to get motivated.

We have the ability to win, to succeed and to share our success with our partners.

May these 5 years be repeated for many more years.