Christmas Runner


Together with Sonae Sierra and their marketing department, we designed and developed a human endless runner game during the last three Christmas seasons.

By detecting human gestures through a Natural User Interface (N-UI) device, the participants were allowed to control their favorite Christmas characters aiming to collect the greatest possible number of gifts.

This multimedia installation also promoted competition between Shopping Centers allowing our client to create marketing and advertising campaigns to increase the number of visitors during the Holiday season.

  • ClientSonae Sierra
  • CategoryMultimedia Installation
  • ServicesN-UI
    3D Modeling & Animation
    UI/UX Design
17 Shopping Centers

8ª Avenida, AlgarveShopping, ArrábidaShopping, CascaiShopping, Centro Colombo, Centro Vasco da Gama, Estação Viana, GuimarãeShopping, LoureShopping, GaiaShopping, MadeiraShopping, MaiaShopping, NorteShopping, Nova Arcada, Parque Atlântico, Rio Sul, and Serra Shopping.

Game Sessions

+ 262.000

Become Santa's Best Helper