Enchanted Christmas

Mobile App

In 2015, inKlusion in partnership with Sonae Sierra developed an augmented reality app to promote the Christmas season all over the country.

During this special season, Sonae Sierra gave away thousands of AR markers to visitors, who could then use the app to interact with magical Christmas characters.

  • ClientSonae Sierra
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • ServicesAugmented Reality, 3D Modeling
Take the Christmas shopping experience anywhere.

Four different characters were made available during the action.

Each week, a new character was added to the mix, expanding the experience and bringing new surprises.

With this app, inKlusion allowed visitors to bring Sonae Sierra’s Christmas to their homes. By pointing the smartphone or tablet camera to the AR markers, the user could not only give life to the virtual characters, but also play with them or take photographs and share them with his/her friends on Facebook

For the client, this app also brings an added benefit, since users are rewarded for acquiring all characters, which brought them back to the shopping centers, where the AR markers were distributed.