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Explore 3D models of human organs and systems and learn about the human body in a fun and interactive way! Then, test your skills with interactive quizzes!

In addition to the traditional textual and visually static content that can be found in a common encyclopedia, this application allows the visualization of organs and systems in 3D.

Users can interact with 3D models, applying rotations and scales, in order to study in detail each organ and system. Users can also see how the different organs interact with each other and how the human body’s systems are composed.

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Explore the human body

11 systems and 24 organs, including functions and diseases.

More than 30 tridimensional models to explore. Ability to manipulate 3D models, with rotation, scale and zoom in/out functionalities. Transparency sliders to view the inside of specific organs.

Interactive Quizzes

Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese


European Microsoft AppCup

Finalist 2013

innteach Best Educational Application

First Runner Out 2013

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Contest Winner