Parque Tejo

Multimedia Installation

Parque Tejo’s interpretative center is a brand new tourist location, located inside the city’s biggest camping site, which makes it a great destination for campers or any other visitors!

At the end of 2015, inKlusion completed a multimedia installation in Parque Tejo, a new interpretative center in the city of Abrantes. This installation is comprised of 4 interactive apps, which allow the visitor to enjoy the process of discovering the city and its surroundings, before actually visiting each location.

  • ClientSingle Code
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • TechnologiesInteractive Touchscreens, N-UI
Discover Abrantes

Virtual Balloon Ride
The user can control a balloon/zeppelin with a physical controller. Along the Tejo river ride, the visitor can see pictures and textual information about each point of interest, located at the left and right margins of the river, in order to learn about the many interesting locations that surround the largest river in Portugal.

Multi-user Experiences
Allow a group of visitors to improve their knowledge of the region in regards to its fauna and flora, history and culture. Here, many highlights of the city and its surroundings are made available through multimedia components, that can be accessed by several users independently.