Santa's AR Photo

Multimedia Installation

In the 2015 Christmas season, SONAE Sierra in partnership with Inklusion, delivers a fantastic multimedia activity that allows visitors to enter the magical universe of the Christmas Season.

Available in SONAE Sierra’s top 5 Shopping Centers, the experience allows users to interact with several animated characters, bringing joy and happiness to every child or adult who participate.

This fantastic experience can be immortalized in the form of a picture, which is made available by the end of the interaction for users to take home.

  • ClientSonae Sierra
  • IndustryEntertainment
  • ServicesAugmented Reality, 3D Modeling
Families enter in the enchanted world of the Christmas characters

During the experience, characters react to the users’ gestures. For instance, when santa’s little helper, affectively called Mini Du, sees a new child he promptly begins to build a brand new gift to offer. If the child gets close to the gift and touches it, Mini Du kindly gives it away.

As part of this experience, for people waiting in line, inKlusion also developed a mini-game where users collectively help Santa’s friends gather christmas gifts to help create an even better Christmas!

This interactive experience was an overwhelming success with over 12 000 paying visitors during the Christmas Season.

For the client, this app also brings an added benefit, since users are rewarded for acquiring all characters, which brought them back to the shopping centers, where the AR markers were distributed.

Shopping Centers

Centro Colombo, CascaiShopping, GaiaShopping, NorteShopping, and Vasco da Gama.


+ 12 000