Welcome Center Mobile

Mobile App

The official app for Covilhã’s Welcome Center. Come and discover Covilhã! With this app, users can explore the most important tourist attractions of Covilhã, through a fun and extensive geolocation system.

With a simple and intuitive interface, the user can easily get around the city and find incredible locations and monuments.

  • ClientCovilhã Municipality
  • IndustryTourism
  • ServicesAugmented Reality, Apps
The way to discover the city of Covilhã

Discover the city of Covilhã

Map Mode
The user can find the location of all points of interest, and see where he is in relation to them.

Augmented Reality Mode
Having arrived near a point of interest, the user can use this mode to unlock multimedia contents and share them with his friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Check-in Mode
In this mode, it is possible to track the user’s progress regarding how many locations have been visited and how many are left, organized by category (Cultural, Religious, Landscape, among others). The user can also lookup information unlocked about previously visited points of interest.