Simply Flow by Fátima Lopes

“Either we begin to slow down or we are completely displaced by our pace of life. It’s a concept that I adopted a few years ago and I’ve been trying to live in an increasingly healthy way.” – Fátima Lopes

We had the pleasure of working with Fátima Lopes and her amazing team on developing the new version of Simply Flow, a platform dedicated to wellness, leisure, work-life balance and much more.

This web platform is totally responsive, with seamless transitions between desktop and mobile, and gives you a glimpse into the healthy lifestyle of the famous TV presenter.

“Health cannot be a responsibility that I put on the shoulders of my doctor if I do not do my part in the daily routine”. – Fátima Lopes

This platform has the collaboration of 30 specialists in the most diversified areas, ranging from conventional medicine to complementary therapies and physical activity.

The platform transmits:

  • The tranquility characteristic of Fátima Lopes;
  • The simplicity of the lifestyle it proposes;
  • The value of small things and the importance of our attitude towards life;
  • A paradigm shift: focus on physical and emotional well-being, harmony and happiness;
  • Clear, objective and differentiated information on the themes of health and well-being, reconciling conventional medicine with complementary medicines;
  • Advantages of adopting the practices of “slow living“.

The platform is divided into six categories: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind (where contents related to psychological and emotional well-being are inserted), Health, Food, Leisure and Work-Life Balance (a very special category for Fatima, where it gives to know one of his great passions: training).

Fátima Lopes is one of the most cherished presenters by the Portuguese. With a vast television career, he manages to reconcile his demanding professional life with personal life, proving that with organization, commitment, and positive spirit, anything is possible.

It is also an example of health and well-being, betting on a healthy lifestyle both physically and emotionally.